Luxembourg Sinfonietta, Editions LGNM No. 401

Composition: Seven Trumpets of the Seven Angels
CD title: Luxembourg Sinfonietta, Marcel Wengler, conductor
Released by: Editions LGNM No. 401
Year: 2000
Available from: LGNM


“A quite different substance, on the other hand, is to be seen in ‘Seven Trumpets of the Seven Angels’ by Tony K. T. Leung, … These scores display a real compositional technique put at the service of a clearly structured musical idea.”
Pierre Schwickerath, Luxemburger Wort – 23 February 2000

“Things are different with the Canadian Tony K. Leung (b. 1963 in Hongkong) who, in his apocalyptic ‘Seven Trumpets of the Seven Angels’, displays a syncretic manner of writing in which extremes do not meet but join their voices in the pure lyricism of an ecumenical dialogue between east and west.”
José Voss, Lëtzebuerger Land – 18. August 2000

“There is direction, clarity, and wonderful sounds (in Seven Trumpets of the Seven Angels).”
Chan Ka Nin