Composer Bruce Bai reflects on “hatch” project

Bruce Bai

It is my fortune and honour to cooperate with Dim Sum Ensemble and be part of the “hatch” project. The project was well prepared and organized from the rehearsals to the performance. Thanks to the musicians, Linlin Wang and Amely Zhou (erhu), Patty Chan (zhonghu), Jaimie Chan (cello), Cynthia Qin (zheng), Derek Au (percussion), and the great conductor Tony Leung. The music was well rehearsed. A wonderful concert was presented on November 16, 2014. I am happy to attend the concert in person from BC, because I had not only fully enjoyed the concert, but also met and communicated with the good musicians and conductor from Dim Sum Ensemble. This is an unusual ensemble which is good for composers like me to be able to know and explore the abilities of the instruments from China, and the possibilities of combining the music languages from different cultures. Meanwhile, people in Toronto have more chances to listen to these new compositions through the “hatch” concert. I hope I can have more opportunities to cooperate with Dim Sum Ensemble in the future.