Composer Matthew Van Driel reflects

Matthew Van Driel

Matthew Van Driel

This is the second time that I was invited to provide a piece for the Dim Sum Ensemble. I was very happy and grateful that I was chosen from the Canada-wide call for scores and I used this opportunity to build on and continue my previous piece ‘Ripples 波紋’ which debuted in October of 2013 at their inaugural concert ‘Xpressions.’

Not only did I compose ‘Waves 波浪’ for the ‘hatch’ concert, but I was also invited to arrange a piece that I love, ‘The Heart Asks Pleasure First.’ I was immensely humbled that Tony K.T. Leung had faith that I could provide not one, but two pieces for this concert.

The Dim Sum Ensemble is a fantastic Canadian ensemble, allowing new composers to try their hand at an ensemble that many don’t receive a chance to compose for. This type of ensemble is invaluable to new composers, as it allows them showcase themselves, and allow their own creative expression to bubble forth. Tony places no limitations on composers, and works with them to help achieve the sound that they envision.

I’ve learned much composing for the Dim Sum Ensemble, and I’ve learned a lot from Tony as well. Composing for them has opened up a whole world of inspiration for me and has furthered my love of Chinese instruments. I thank him for his constant help and mentorship. I would also like to thank the performers in the Dim Sum Ensemble for putting on such a wonderful performance!