Composer Robert Oxoby reflects on “hatch” project

Robert Oxoby

It was a great pleasure to cooperate with the Dim Sum Ensemble for the November 2014 “hatch” concert.

The Dim Sum Ensemble is a talented group who has taken to heart the need to showcase new music in Canada. I am particularly indebted to conductor Tony Leung for taking time in rehearsing and developing the performance to fully capture the musical ideas of each composer. Such dedication is particularly important when composers are working with instrumentation with which they may not be fully versed. To this end, the Dim Sum Ensemble and conductor Leung took great strides in working with composers to develop a coherent musical voice between musicians and composers.

Ensembles like Dim Sum are a rarity in Canada and North America. Many times, ensembles rely on existing repertoire and eschew new music. The Dim Sum Ensemble has actively sought new music from across Canada. Without organizations like Dim Sum, Canadian composers are left short. As such, organizations like the Dim Sum Ensemble create a cultural avenue to highlight the diversity and cultural voices that define the Canadian experience.

I am very thankful to have been a part of the “hatch” concert. I can only hope that my future compositions find a performance home with ensembles that are as dedicated and talented as the Dim Sum Ensemble.