New composition by Matthew Van Driel: Ripples 波紋


Ripples begins quietly and meditatively, drawing the listener in to the deliberate movements of each instrument. As the piece develops, the instruments begin to move more, and create ripples of sound that interact with and complement one another. A quick, joyous section in the middle is like a burst of sunlight amongst the calmness of the surrounding sections, and fades away just as quickly as it had begun. In the second half of the piece the consistent movement in the lower register of the yangqin reminds one of rain steadily falling onto a surface of water, creating ripples. The piece ends quietly, just as it had begun, and fades into silence.

Instrumentation: yangqin, percussion, 2 erhu, zhonghu, cello
World premiere: Oct. 27, 2013 Xpressions concert

About Matthew Van Driel

Photo credit: Nik Benn

With a B.F.A., Specialized Honours in Music from York University, Matthew openly embraces a wide range of musical influences and styles in his compositions to bring forth captivating sound. He not only composes dynamic chamber and concert music, but has also composed numerous original short film scores. Offering an esteemed approach to musical story-telling, superb dedication to all of his compositions and an infectious enthusiasm that is focused upon the detailed intricacies of music, Matthew looks for challenging new projects that allow him to push the creative envelope. Works of his have been performed live in both Toronto and Hong Kong.